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Never gets tired, never gives up, always polite

Hardest worker on your sales team, guaranteed

Your automated sales assistant never gets tired, never gives up - and politely follows up with every lead until she gets a response, making sure no one slips through the cracks.

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Conversations Routed To Different Flows Based on Lead’s Responses

Route and deploy different conversation flows depending on responses from leads. Saleswhale can provide different information, file attachments, qualify or disqualify leads, and even hand-off to different sales reps / teams depending on lead responses.

Handle Objections / Request for More Info

Saleswhale is capable of answering basic frequently asked questions about your business, and sending attachments / links. After providing the information, we will resume following up with the lead to secure an appointment / meeting.

Hand Over Hot Leads to your Human Sales Reps

Leads are seamlessly handed over to your sales reps when they are qualified. Sales reps love Saleswhale, because they can focus on high-value tasks - and let Saleswhale handle the tedious and repetitive work of following up with stale leads, qualifying them, and handing over hot leads for them to follow up with.

Bot Will Send Reports on its Own Performance

Every week, your automated sales assistant will send you a report of her activity and performance. She will update you on how many leads she engaged, leads that were qualified and handed over to your sales team, leads that were not interested, unresponsive, and more.