Collect Unstructured Data from Your Emails

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What Is Data Collection?

Saleswhale can extract and collect unstructured data from your prospects' email replies - such as phone numbers, best times to connect, business use cases etc.. which gets automatically pushed into your system of record via our CRM integrations or API web-hooks.

  • Extract unstructured data from email into your system of record

    Saleswhale can automatically parse and extract relevant snippets and named entities from email replies.

  • Keep your leads information up to date

    Enrich your system of record with the latest direct dials, next purchasing cycle, relevant decision makers automatically.

  • Save time on data entry for sales reps

    Saleswhale can automatically capture entire email conversations and extract relevant snippets into your CRM.

Extract unstructured data from email into your system of record

Capture data from every customer interaction, and use it for analytics, marketing automation and data warehousing. Easily run queries such as "how many inbound leads do not have a QA team?" or "which of my prospects plan to shift offices in the next 9 months?"

Save Time on Data Entry

Automatically grab named entities, dates / times, phone numbers, relevant contextual snippets from your prospect's email responses and populate the relevant fields in your system of record. Help your sales team spend less time on data entry, and more time on selling.