Increase conversion rates through relentless automated followups

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Saleswhale ensures your sales team touched base with hot leads

Saleswhale closes the loop on qualified leads that are handed over to your sales team by following up with them to make sure that they are taken care of. Leads who mention that they were not contacted, will be marked as Vulnerable, and the sales team and management team will receive email notifications.

Saleswhale is politely persistent - and never drops the ball

How many times have you had prospects request more information, only to go dark afterwards? Chances are - they are probably still interested, but have more pressing matters to attend to at the moment. Saleswhale helps you find the right moment by politely following up after sending prospects the information they requested - e.g. "Have you have time to review the information I sent over? Let me know if you have time to jump on a call this or next week."

Simultaneously follow up with thousands of leads without breaking a sweat

A single sales rep may be able to reach out to and follow up with up to dozens of leads at a time. But handling hundreds, or even thousands of leads simultaneously? Juggling hundreds of email conversations, - with different requests for information, lead qualification and follow ups? That's a job better solved by an artificial intelligence sales assistant.