Introducing Engage: Automated sales development assistant to handle inbound and stale leads

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Intelligently Engage & Persistent Follow Up

Your automated sales assistant will reach out through emails automatically, to your inbound or stale leads. You will be able to select and customise different Conversation Topics depending on how the lead was acquired. Your sales assistant follows up persistently, but politely, with your leads if she does not get a response from them.

Interpret Response & Prospect Qualification

Your sales assistant then reads and interprets your prospect's response. Using Saleswhale's Knowledge Graph of your business, we then help to qualify and drive the prospect towards your desired outcome. If your sales assistant is not able to answer any of the questions, we will escalate the conversation to your team for human review.

Seamless Hand-Off To Your Sales Team

When the desired outcome - phone call, product demo, meeting etc. is achieved, your automated sales assistant will hand off the prospect to your sales team in a round-robin manner, and send calendar invites to both the prospect and human sales reps on your team.

How does Saleswhale know what to reply my leads?

Saleswhale parses the replies of your prospects, and interprets the intent of each email. We then reconcile this intent with the information that we know about your business. You can update your Knowledge Graph to give Saleswhale more information about your business, and teach us to reply specific questions - such as pricing, implementation details, competitive advantages of your product etc..

We only reply to emails which cross a high confidence threshold. Emails which we are not confident of replying will be escalated to your sales team for human review.

What happens if the prospect asks a question that you can't answer?

We will forward and escalate emails that we cannot answer to your sales team. You can then update the Knowledge Graph so that we can learn how to answer such questions in the future. Currently, we are not able to learn automatically from just parsing your sales team's replies yet.

How is this different from marketing automation?

The purpose of Saleswhale is to elicit an response from your prospect, engage them in two-way conversation, qualify them and hand them over to your sales team. Most marketing automation software are used for lead nurturing, and are not designed to parse & interpret responses - and reply your prospects.

Saleswhale is in fact complimentary to marketing automation software. We have plans to build integrations with marketing automation software such as Marketo, Hubspot and Pardot. Just think of Saleswhale as having a human sales assistant that's reaching out personally, to each of your prospects.

What would I use this for?

Saleswhale can be used to automatically engage inbound leads, ensuring that your business reaches out to, and follows up with every single person who signed up. Saleswhale can also be used to reactivate stale leads that have previously opted-in to receive messaging from you. These could be leads who signed up for your free trial, downloaded your e-books or marketing materials, from tradeshows, events and more.

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