Automated Coaching For Sales Teams

Orca is a virtual sales prospecting coach to help your sales reps get more appointments

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Real-time Coaching & Feedback

Orca is an autonomous bot that monitors your sales reps prospecting activities and provides them with real-time coaching and feedback. Saleswhale has helped reps to create as much as 500% more qualified appointments, by helping them to avoid common prospecting mistakes.

Detailed Granular Insight For Each Sales Rep

Activities do not always tell the full picture when it comes to managing underperformance. We can help reduce sales employee attrition and increase performance through targeted insight and personalised coaching recommendations.

Automated Email Sequences & Followups

Saleswhale provides customisable workflows that automates tedious aspects of outbound prospecting, allowing your reps to become more efficient and reduce busy work. Easily embed best practices of Account Based Sales Development into your workflow.