AI Sales Assistant that engages your Stale and Cold Leads

Saleswhale is an AI sales assistant that follows up with your stale and cold leads, engaging them in two-way conversation - before handing off hot leads to your sales team.

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Introducing Your Own AI Sales Assistant

Saleswhale is the newest member of your sales team. Choose a name for your bot, set up a corporate email account on Gmail / Outlook and connect it via OAuth to Saleswhale. Your automated sales assistant will then start to reach out to your stale or cold leads automatically via email. You will be able to customise and deploy different Conversation Topics on each individual lead segment.


One Bot, Endless Possibilities

Traditional auto-responders and marketing automation software like Marketo & Hubspot are too impersonal (one-to-many), and are only capable of one way communication. Saleswhale actually has a two-way conversation with your leads - which opens up new & interesting engagement strategies for your business.

  • Persistent & Relentless Followups

    Personal, polite and persistent email follow-ups that intelligently responds to lead's replies.

  • Qualifying Hot Leads from Cold Leads

    Only route leads that are qualified & ready to talk to your sales reps, and filter out time-wasters.

  • Extract Data From Unstructured Email Data

    Collect and extract structured data (i.e. phone numbers, dates, business use cases etc.) from email responses.

Capture Leads & Data from All Sources / Platforms

Saleswhale integrates seamlessly with your CRM, marketing automation software and other systems of records. You can configure the rules of engagement, and deploy highly relevant, contextual and personal Conversation Topics for each and every lead.. On top of that, our meticulously-designed APIs gives you even more flexibility in deciding how and when your leads are reached out to.