Get More Conversations with Decision Makers Predictably

Saleswhale automates account based sales development for your sales team, and helps to coach and manage your sales reps to be more effective.

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How It Works

Data-Driven and Actionable Insights

Tactical Coaching for Sales Reps

  • Email Personalisation Needs Improvement
    Saleswhale analyzes and classifies emails which elicit favorable/ unfavorable replies, and automatically coaches your reps to send better emails and increase prospect response rates significantly.

  • Not Reaching Multiple Prospects Per Account
    Saleswhale coaches your reps to do Account-Based Sales Development (ABSD) effectively. We help them reach out to multiple Personas per account, with tailored messaging for each Persona.

  • Lack of Follow-up To Prospect Replies
    Sales development doesn't end when a prospect replies. It ends when a demo/ meeting is successfully scheduled. Saleswhale helps your reps follow-through without dropping the ball.

Actionable & Tactical Insights for Team Members

Training and coaching is the single biggest lever to impact reps' performance. But you are busy and don't have time to analyze every sales reps' activity.

Saleswhale helps you to see clearly, who is struggling and needs help. We isolate your reps' performance to show you exactly why they are not performing, and give you actionable insights on how to help them.

Track Your Team’s Progress Over Time

Saleswhale helps you to measure your team's performance over time. You would be able to see which reps are steadily improving, who are chronic underperfomers, and who are superstars that are due for a promotion.

Use this information to understand why your top performers are doing well, and then leverage this data to teach your team.

The Only Outbound Sales Platform You Will Need

Discover Verified Emails of Decision Makers & Get Auto-Enriched Leads

Stop wasting time on finding decision makers to prospect. Search for decision makers working at your ideal accounts, and get their verified work emails with a click of a button.

Build ideal customer profiles and experiment with different messaging. For example - "Find me all B2B Technology companies in Singapore, with more than 50 employees, and raised more than 2 million in funding."

Automatic Email Follow-Ups and Call Logging

It takes on average 5 - 6 touches to engage a prospect, but most reps give up way before that.

Schedule automatic email follow-ups, and call reminders to automate follow-ups. Track email opens, and detect replies automatically. Create templates around different personas, experiment, measure results, and share them with your team.

Detect Email Opens and Replies with Sentiment Analysis

Get real time updates on what happens after your emails are sent. Detect when someone has opened your emails or forwarded them to their colleagues.

Our system also intelligently infers from prospects' replies to your emails if they are interested to move on to the next step of the sales process, or not.

Build Accountability Through Targets and Track Progress

Set connect targets for your team. Saleswhale learns to predict a rep's performance over time, by monitoring their target attainment, activity, reply rates, email messaging, decision makers and customer segments they are going after, allowing you to prescriptively coach each rep to higher performance.